How to Use the Toggler Button in Gator Forms

The “Toggler Button” is one of the layout options you have for your Gator Forms.

This will place a link inside a Post or Page. When a visitor clicks on that link, they will see the Gator Form.

  • In your WordPress admin area, go to “Gator Forms”.
  • Create a new Gator Form.
  • Choose “Toggler Button”.

  • Under the “Form after opening” area, choose “Accordion”.

  • Under “Form position” choose the shortcode. It will use this format:
  • Save your Gator Form.

  • Open a Post, Page or other content item.
  • Paste the shortcode into your content:

  • Save your content and visit the front of your site.
  • You’ll see the link inside your content:

When a visitor clicks on this “Contact us” link, the form will appear inside an accordion slide-down:

The main alternative to the accordion layout is a lightbox. You can replace “Accordion” with any of the “Lightbox” options for the form. If the visitor clicks the “Contact Us” link, they’ll see your form inside a pop-up lightbox.

Customizing the Toggler Button

It is possible to customize the design of your button. Doing this will require Gator Forms Pro.

  • In your WordPress site, go to the “Gator Forms” link.
  • Edit a form.
  • Click the “Themes” tab.
  • Click “Theme Customizer”.
  • In the “Common” area you can add rounded corners and gradients:

Under “Toggler Button and Tab” you can change the color and icon for the tab:

Using the settings in the two images above, this is how your form will appear:

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