Success Message is Displayed but I Do Not Receive Email

Occasionally you may see text saying thatGator Form successfully sent a message, but you don’t receive an email.

This article will help you troubleshoot this problem.

First, make sure that “Demo mode” is set to “No” under the Advanced tab.

If success message is displayed then it means that contact form has passed data to WordPress Mailer and email was sent successfully. To confirm this, install a plugin such as “Email Log“. This will keep a record of all the emails going out from your site.

After installing this plugin, test your Gator Form again. Is the email being successfully sent?

If the email is being successfully sent, but you aren’t receiving the email:

  • Check your spam box,
  • Check server settings of SpamAssassin or BoxTrapper,
  • Check server mail filters,
  • Check server firewall or other security settings,
  • Or ask your server administrator to track emails which have been sent from your site.
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