Allow Users to Choose Who Gets Emails from a Gator Form

Normally, when a Gator Form is filled in, the submission will be sent to the site administrator, or other people specified in the form settings. Each person gets the same email.

However, it is possible to allow your users to choose who they want to contact. If you do this, not everyone will get the same email when a submission is made.

This is done with the “List of Recipients” field:

Enter each recipient on a new line. The email and name of recipient needs to be separated with the pipe character |. For example:|Support. Do not enter a new line after filling in last recipient.

This is how the list will appear when you publish your Gator Form:

Use the pulldown list to choose who you want to contact. The email address is hidden. Only the text to the right of the sidebar will show:

in EmailsFields

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