How to Automatically Open Gator Forms for Visitors

It is possible to automatically open Gator Forms for visitors. This feature is called “Hidden Before Opening”. Your visitors doesn’t need to do anything. The form will automatically open after a certain period of time, or if they take a specific action.

When creating a Gator Form, choose the “Hidden before opening” option:

Here are the other recommended on this page:

  • Form after opening: Lightbox – Fade-in
  • Form position: On all pages

There are some other choices you can make for your pop-up. You’ll find those under the “Advanced” tab:

  • Auto-open: This controls the trigger for the form. Does it open automatically on page load, when the user scroll, or when the user tries to leave the page?
  • Auto-open delay: Will there be a wait before the form opens.
  • Auto-open count: How many times will one visitor see this form?
  • Cookie lifetime: How long will your site remember the visitor’s interaction with this form?
  • Auto-close: Will the form automatically hide after being filled in?

  • Save your Gator Form and visit the front of your site.
  • In the image above, I choose “On scroll” as the trigger for the form. So when I scroll down the page, the form appears:

in 5. Hidden Before Opening

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