My Gator Form is Not Showing or Working Correctly

If you are having problems with your Gator Form, here are some places to start looking.

Can’t see your form?

Check in the “Location” tab of your form.

  • Where did you publish your form? Did you decide to show it on all pages?
  • Have you have selected to use the shortcode option? If so, make sure that this shortcode is included on Wyour page.
  • If you have selected the widget, make sure that it is published.

Check your theme

Make sure that your template has a standard WordPress footer implemented:
<?php wp_footer(); ?>

If this is not visible, then add this code to your template’s index.php.

Also, view page source in your browser and try to find (Ctrl+F): pwebcontact. If you can’t find this string, then one of previous tips is still not done correctly.

Initializing form message

If contact form is displaying message: Initializing form… then there may be a JavaScript error or conflict on your site and it has to be corrected.

Try this technique to debug the frontend of your site.

It could also be caused by jQuery conflicts between our plugin and other plugins or your WordPress template. Please try disabling other plugins and checking whether it will work correctly.

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