File Uploads in Gator Forms

Gator Forms allows your visitors to upload files. This feature is available with Gator Forms Pro.

  • To enable uploads, go to the “Gator Forms” link in your WordPress site.
  • Click “Fields”.
  • Select the “Upload” field and drag it into the left column.

The upload option will now look like the image below. The “Label” will be “Attachments”.

This is how the field will appear on the front of your site for visitors:

File Upload Settings

There are some important options for the file upload in Gator Forms.

  • Click the pencil icon in the “Upload Field” area and the settings will appear on the right side:

In these settings, you can see the “Server max upload size”. This is set by your hosting company. If you need to upload files that exceed this limit, please contact your hosting company.

There is also an upload limit that you can change in Gator Forms. By default, “File size limit [MB]” is set to 1 MB but this will not take effect if your “Server max upload size” is a lower limit.

For more settings, click the “Advanced” tab.

One particularly important setting here is “Upload path”. If this folder is not writable, you will not be able to upload files.

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