Editing the Emails That Gator Forms Sends to Users

You can set up a different email templates for both user and administrator. Go to the “Email” tab of your form and you’ll see 3 different options:

Here is the Boring template:

Here is the Fancy template:

Here is the Superformal template:

You can choose between text and HTML formats

Using Variables in the Email Templates

You can choose from many different variables in your email templates:

  • {lang:Word} – displays translation of “Word” from language file
  • {fields} – displays all fields, each “Label: Value” pair in new line
  • {field_alias.label} – displays field label, will be translated if present in language file, replace field_alias with alias of field
  • {field_alias.value} – displays field value, replace field_alias with alias of field
  • {name} – User name
  • {email} – User email
  • {username} – WordPress Username if logged in
  • {url} – page URL
  • {title} – title of page
  • {site_name} – site name
  • {sent_on} – date and time
  • {ip_address} – User IP address
  • {browser} – User browser name. Requires 3rd-party plugin – Details.
  • {os} – User operating system name
  • {screen_resolution} – User screen resolution
  • {mailto_name} – name of recipient selected by User from “Mail to list” field
  • {ticket} – formatted ticket
  • {subject} – subject entered by User
  • {files} – links to uploaded files if “Attachment type” set to: “Links to files”

Edit the Email Templates

To change one of the default email templates, you can edit HTML files in directory:/wp-content/plugins/pwebcontact/media/email_tmpl/.

By default, you will see

You can also create a new HTML file with your own template there. All you need to do is create files with these names:

  • new_template.html
  • new_template.txt
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