The Drag-and-Drop Form Builder in Gator Forms

Gator Forms allows you to arrange fields using drag-and-drop.

Creating New Rows

You can drag any field from the right-side of the screen and place it into your Gator Form. Doingn this will automatically create a new row for your Gator Form. There are no limits to the number of rows you can place in a single Gator Form.

Creating New Columns

You can also drag-and-drop fields to create new columns. In the example below, I’ve dragged the “Phone” field and placed it next to the “Send button” field.

The image below shows the Phone field appears after I’ve placed it. You can see that there is a new column, but only for the fourth row:

Gator Forms allows up to 3 columns. Here’s an example with 3 columns in a single row:

This drag-and-drop technique allows you to create some complicated forms. For example, Gator Forms has “predefined forms” and this image belows shows the “Multiple fields” form.

Rearranging fields

You can always rearrange the fields in your form. Simply drag-and-drop the fields from one area of the form to another:

To rearrange the rows in your form, use the up and down arrows on the left side of the screen:

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