Using Background Images in Gator Forms

Inside every Gator Form, you can choose an image to show in the background of your form.

There are also options to add padding on side of box, so that the image would be not under form, but next to it.

Using Gator Forms With a Full-Width Image

In our first example, here is a Gator Form that is using the Toggler Tab option and the “Twenty Sixteen” theme.

I have prepared an image that is about 600 pixels hight and 600 pixels wide.

  • Go to “Gator Forms” in your WordPress admin.
  • Edit a form.
  • Click “Theme” then “Theme Customizer”.
  • Enter the URL for your image into the “Background image” setting:

  • Save your form and visit the front of your site.
  • You’ll now see the form has your new background image:

Using Gator Forms With a Smaller Image

In this second example, we’ll use a smaller image. This image is 170 pixels wide and 370 pixels high:

In the Gator Forms settings, I set “Form Padding” option to “Left”. I also set the “Padding value” to 200px:

When loading this Gator Form, the image below shows the end result:

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