The Auto Open Feature For Gator Forms

The Auto open and close settings are available for 3 of the 4 displays.

This allow you to automatically open a form for visitors, without them clicking a button.

By default, this feature is always set to “No” so you will need to enable it.

  • Go to the Gator Forms area in your WordPress admin.
  • Open one of the Gator Forms.
  • Select the Hidden before opening option

  • Click the On scroll radio button
  • Set the Auto-open delay [ms] setting to 200 (a fifth of a second)
  • Leave the Auto-open count setting with the default value of 1 (we’ll come back to this later)
  • The default cookie lifetime of 30 is OK.

  • Click Save
  • Open the page where your form is located
  • Scroll down and the form will be displayed
  • Close the form
  • Refresh the page and scroll down again.

This time you won’t see the form displayed, because you set the Auto-open count setting to 1. You can increase this value in order to let the form auto-open a determined number of times. You can even set it to 0 if you want the form to appear every time a user scrolls down.

The On exit radio button presents the same settings. This option displays the form when the user moves the mouse towards the close tab or close browser buttons.

This is useful for example in landing pages. If the potential customer wants to leave, there is still a possibility to get their email address.

  • Create a Gator form with an email field and a send button
  • Use the Auto open and close settings detailed in the image
  • Add this form to a page
  • Go to that page and try to close the tab
  • The form will be displayed

in 5. Hidden Before Opening

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