The Auto Close Feature For Gator Forms

This option allows you to automatically close a form inside a pop-up if the form was filled in successfully.

You can leave this set to No if you don’t want the form to close after sending the answer e-mail.

  • Go to the Gator Forms area in your WordPress admin.
  • Open one of the Gator Forms.
  • Select the Hidden before opening option
  • Set the Auto close option to On mail success
  • Set Disable manual closing of Lightbox to Yes
  • Click Save

  • Visit the form on the frontend of your site.
  • Trigger the pop-up for them form.
  • The “x” icon on the top right of the form has disappeared and there’s no way to close the form. The form will only go away if you submit it or refresh the page

in 5. Hidden Before Opening

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