The 5-Click Setup for Gator Forms

Gator Forms is super-easy to use. You can create and publish your Gator Forms in just 5 steps!

Click #1. Create your first form

Go to the “Gator Forms” link in your WordPress admin area and click “Create your first form”.

Click #2. Choose your form style

Choose what style of form you want. You have four choices:

  • A button on the page. Visitors click the button to see the form.
  • A tab on the side of the page.
  • A form inside a Post or Page.
  • A form that’s hidden before the visitor performs a certain action.

Click #3. Choose where the form appears

Scroll down to “Form position” and choose what pages you want your Gator Form to appear on:

Click #4. Choose your fields

Click the “Fields” tab and drag-and-drop the fields you want in your form:

Click #5. Save and you’re done

Click the “Save” button and your form is finished in just 5 clicks!

Visit the front of your site to see the new form in action!

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