Welcome to Gator Forms!

Welcome, and come on in. We’re open!

Gator Forms is the rebirth of a plugin that has already been on WordPress.org for several years. The original name of the plugin was “Perfect Ajax Contact Form”.

You can see the updated Gator Forms listing on WordPress.org. The plugin already has over several thousand active users with over 40 ratings (the average of over 4/5 stars).

If you haven’t used it yet, download the free version of Gator Forms and give it a try. We’d love to know what you think. Email us via help@gatorforms.com.

Over the next few weeks we’re launching a series of new features and we’ll be unveiling a brand-new interface for Gator Forms. To get things started, we’ve added a new “Messages” feature which allows you to store all the messages sent through your forms.

Why did we change the name?

There were several reasons, but these are the most important …

First, the old name was really inconsistent. Different versions of the name included “Perfect Ajax Contact Form”, “Perfect Contact Form” and “Perfect Easy & Powerful Contact Form”.

Second, the old name didn’t really apply any more. In particular, you can use the plugin for many things beyond just contact forms.

Third, the name wasn’t unique. There’s even another product called “Perfect Forms”.

Finally, we choose “Gator” because we live in Florida and alligators are everywhere! I can see one outside the office window as I write this!

Pro users of Perfect Ajax Contact Form
Please read carefully, because many of you still have active subscriptions at the old site: Perfect-Web.co.

The previous owners of this plugin sold a Pro version. That Pro version is still available as Gator Forms Pro.

The license key system for the Pro version has changed. If you are an existing Pro user, please email us via help@gatorforms and we’ll get you a new license key.

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