All Gator Forms Users Can Now Save Messages

You can now download version 2.5.0 of Gator Forms

This version has a very useful feature that has been missing from Gator Forms before now. You can save all the messages that people send you.

This feature is available both to Gator Forms Free and Gator Forms Pro users.

If you haven’t tried Gator Forms yet, you can install a copy today from or from inside your site. This is how Gator Forms appears if you login to your site, and go to “Plugins” then “Add New”.

Click on “Gator Forms” and you will now see a menu link called “Messages”.

Inside here you’ll find a list of all the messages that people have sent you via your contact form. Every time someone fills in a form like the one shown below, Gator Forms will store the message.

Here’s an example of how that message will be stored in the “Messages” area of Gator Forms.

If you have multiple forms, you can easily drill down to find the entries for a single form:

Thanks for using Gator Forms

Thank you so much for using Gator Forms.

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