Gator Forms Has a New Owner

Gator Forms Has a New Owner

Hi there,

My name is Nick Savov and I recently acquired Gator Forms. I have some big, ambitious plans to improve it, which I’m excited to share with you.

Why the Acquisition

As you might know, the Perfect Web team created the predecessor to Gator Forms and Perfect Web was acquired by Joomlashack earlier this year. Joomlashack’s team, which I’m a part of, rebranded the WordPress plugin and turned it into Gator Forms.

But, there’s only so much time in a day. With the many extensions that Joomlashack now has, plus its other WordPress plugins that are increasing in popularity, Joomlashack’s CEO felt it was a good time to hand the Gator Forms baton to someone that could take it to the next stage.

I love the potential that Gator Forms has and it was this potential that really drew me to it. Gator Forms is already an excellent, simple-to-use WordPress contact form plugin. I would like to keep that simplicity and make it even easier to use, plus more extensible. Here’s the plan…


Gator Forms Roadmap

1. Continue Gator Forms’ customer-friendly support

The most important aspect of Gator Forms is the people it serves. Contact forms are merely a tool that enable communication and it’s the people and their message that are important. I value your business and will continue providing friendly support and reply quickly to your questions.

2. Add GDPR Compatibility

This one’s particularly important to European customers and it’s at the top of the development list because of its impact.

3. Improve the user experience

Although Gator Forms is easy to use already, it can be a bit confusing when first starting with it. I have some ideas to make the interface more intuitive and new-comer friendly.

4. Make it extensible

Allowing 3rd party developers to be able to easily create add-ons will open up Gator Forms to a world of new possibilities. Add-ons will turn Gator Forms into more than just a contact form. They will allow Gator Forms to be integrated with newsletter services, custom CRMs, create payment forms, event forms, etc.

That being said, simplicity and a clean interface will still be kept as key features in Gator Forms. The add-ons will work behind the scenes and not interfere with the Gator Forms core.

5. Create a Zapier add-on

Zapier is a very useful service for connecting a wide variety of web apps across the web.  This would make the perfect first add-on for Gator Forms and would demonstrate how powerful forms can be.

6. Sky’s the limit

With a clean interface and an extensible Gator Forms core, anything’s possible. As a company, we would focus on your requests as the roadmap for Gator Forms’ development. In fact, items 2-5 are from recent customer requests. We will continue to listen to your feedback and improve Gator Forms based on your input and requests.

Is there something missing?

Is there a feature that you would like that isn’t on our roadmap? If so, let me know in the comments below or send me a private message.

Don’t Forget About Our Black Friday Sale

We’re running a huge sale for Black Friday and I don’t want you to miss it.


  • I am looking for something like Gator Forms to do registration for chess events. The feature that I would love — and I would think others might appreciate for other applications is the ability to look up an ID number (8 numeric characters) from the person’s name. I could show you an example from the two existing products in the marketplace.

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