Will Gator Forms Work With Gutenberg? Yes.

If you follow news in the WordPress world, you’ve probably seen plans for the new editor called “Gutenberg”.

The key change is that WordPress will move away from a single text box and instead allow you to create a post with many boxes. You may have one box for a featured image, one box for your first paragraph, one box for a video, one box for your second paragraph, and so on.

When you’re writing posts in Gutenberg, you’ll often make choices from options like these:

It may be several more months before Gutenberg is released, but quite a few Gator Forms users have asked if they should be worried. The simple answer is “No! Everything will be fine!

You will be able to update your site and use Gutenberg without any problems at all.

The image below shows an example of a Gator Forms shortcode inside the Gutenberg editor.

This shortcode is in a “Paragraph” block and sitting next to some text. This is what will happen for most Gator Forms users when they move to Gutenberg.

It’s also possible to create a new “Paragraph” block just for Gator Forms. If you do this, Gutenberg will automatically recognize it as shortcode:

Regardless of how you use Gator Forms in Gutenberg, the end result will still be trouble-free. This image shows a Page, published using Gator Forms and Gutenberg.

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