Show Gator Forms In a Pulldown at the Top of WordPress Sites

One Gator Forms user asked us they could show a Gator Form inside a pulldown tab at the top of their WordPress site.

They needed a pulldown button that looked like this image below. If you click on the “Quick Apply” link, a form slides down.

Let me show you how this can be done in WordPress with Gator Forms.

Step #1. Create your Gator Form

  • Install Gator Forms Pro. You will need the Pro version of Gator Forms for this.
  • Go to the “Gator Forms” link inside your WordPress site.
  • Create a new Gator Form.
  • Choose “Toggler Tab” as your form layout:

  • Choose “Top left” as your Togger Tab position.
  • Enter a “Position offset of about 40%. After viewing the form, you can tweak this to place the tab where you want.

  • Choose “Slidebox – Slide-in from page edge” as your option for what the form does after opening.

  • Make sure that you choose “On all pages” for where you want the feedback form to show:

Step #2. Design your Gator Form

  • Click the “Themes” tab.
  • Opem the “Theme customizer”.

  • Many of the next options are personal preferences, but for a Toggler Tab, I always like to have rounded corners and a shadow for depth:

  • You can change the color of the Togger tab. You can also add icons to the tab:

  • Click “Save Form” after you’ve made your changes.

Step #3. Test and improve your Gator Form

  • Visit the front of your site.
  • You’ll see the tab across the top of your site:

  • Click the tab and you’ll see your form in the pull-down area:

You probably won’t be 100% happy with the form initially, but there are a ton of customization options inside Gator Forms. Go back to the Gator Forms options and make more changes. You’ll soon have a beautiful-looking form that is always visitors and easy-to-use for your visitors.

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