How to Create UserVoice-style Feedback Tab in WordPress

A Gator Forms user asked us an interesting question. They wanted to know if it was possible to create a UserVoice-style feedback tab on their site.

UserVoice is a very popular way of collecting feedback from customers. They are famous for their orange “Feedback” tab that appears on many sites.

You can see an example in the image below:

uservoice style tab for WordPress

Let me show you how this can be done in WordPress with Gator Forms.

Step #1. Setting up your Gator Form

  • Install Gator Forms Pro. You will need the Pro version of Gator Forms for this task.
  • Go to the “Gator Forms” link inside your WordPress site.
  • Create a new Gator Form.
  • Choose “Toggler Tab” as your form layout:

Creating a new Gator Form in WordPress

  • Enter the word “Feedback” for the text on the tab or button.
  • Choose “Right” as your Togger Tab position.

Positioning a new Gator Form in WordPress

  • Choose “Slidebox – Slide-in from page edge” as your option for what the form does after opening.

Sliding in a Gator Form in WordPress

  • Make sure that you choose “On all pages” for where you want the feedback form to show:

Showing a Gator Form in WordPress on all pages

Step #2. Choosing fields for your Gator Form

  • Click the “Fields” tab.
  • Choose the “Feedback” option for predefined forms. This will automatically load useful fields for a feedback form.

choosing fields in Gator Forms in WordPress

  • Click “OK” when you are asked to confirm that current fields will be removed:

Removing fields in Gator Forms in WordPress

Step #3. Designing your Gator Form

  • Click the “Themes” tab.
  • Opem the “Theme customizer”.

Designing Gator Forms in WordPress

  • Many of the next options are personal preferences, but I’ll show you how to match the UserVoice design. First, you can change the color of the Toggler tab, and make sure the text is a large size.

Designing colors in Gator Forms in WordPress

  • Also, I rotated the form counter-clockwise so that it is showing vertically:

Rotating Gator Forms in WordPress

  • Click “Save Form” after you’ve made your changes.

Step #4. Test and improve your Gator Form

  • Visit the front of your site.
  • You’ll see the tab on the right of your site:

Viewing Gator Forms in WordPress

  • Click the tab and you’ll see your feedback form, just like UserVoice:

Testing Gator Forms in WordPress

You probably won’t be 100% happy with the form initially, but there are a ton of customization options inside Gator Forms. Go back to the Gator Forms options and make more changes. You’ll soon have a beautiful-looking feedback form that is always visitors and easy-to-use for your visitors.

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